10 ways to improve your communication with your boss.

10 ways to improve your  communication with your boss.

You will be in contact with your boss probably as much as a partner in your day to day life. Indirectly or directly, you will have to answer to him/her for work-related decisions. The following is eight ways to improve your communication with your boss:

1. Be Polite

We all have times when we want to speak our minds. We will want to vent our frustrations about our co-workers or the system. However, when it comes to your boss, always be polite and when you speak about anything work-related, do it in a polite manner.

2. Ask Them About Their Week-end

I know, I know, you really don’t care, and also, you probably feel intrusive asking. However, it does pump up the ego of a manager to feel like one of the gang. When you ask them about how their weekend was, you humanize your bosses.

3. Practice Stress Management on Your Own Time

Your boss is there to work just like you. This person is responsible to see that you do your job correctly. You need to let out your stress on your own time and manage it on your own at work. If you’re having trouble with that, you should take advantage of the company’s health plan. No really, if you need help, it is there. However, most people won’t get therapy because they feel their bosses will check the health plan for expenses. Hopefully, this mental health stigma ends in the 2020s.

4. Change Your Thoughts

If you find yourself being a Negative Nancy, you know you’re in the yellow zone. Bosses don’t like complainers. If you are looking for problems, like your room being too cold, then you will find them. Break out the work sweaters and just try to keep the mumbling for the big stuff. However, if your room really is 15 degrees Celsius all the time, it’s OK to mention this to the boss.

5. Help Your Team

When you help your team, there is more likelihood that your conversations with your boss with turn more pleasant. You can actually improve communication through this simple act.

6. Remember those Milestones

Is your boss having a birthday? Nothing says Good Thoughts Gord more than getting your team to sign a birthday card. You might be out a couple of dollars but your boss will remember your good deed when you present it.

7. Be Mindful of Chances for Personal Growth

Every boss is different so it’s hard to make a cookie-cutter model on how to communicate. If you notice you have some hiccups, take notes in your head and improve it for next time.

8. Buy Them Gifts for Stress Management

When it comes to stress management, bosses are notorious for taking it out verbally on staff. Every now and then, buy your boss a thoughtful stress management gift. It can turn the tides.

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