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10 habits of happy people.

  1. Happy people surround themselves with other happy people.  Its a choice that is ours to make. Do you want to be surrounded by people who make you feel good or people who critisize you and make you feel down about yourself. Often we make the wrong choice.
  2. They forgive, happy people know that bitterness and resentment can be toxic and can have a huge negative impact on a persons life. When someone has wronged you why let them continue to hold that power over you, learn to forgive rather then to hold grudges.
  3. They treat others in the way they wish to be treated. Have you ever treated another person badly, we are all probably guilty of this at some point in life. How does this make you feel? Not so good does it? Choose to be kind youll feel better for it no doubt.
  4. Happy people love themselves.  How can we ever love anybody without loving ourselves first.  Its common sense.
  5. Happy people are open to change, even if its unpleasant, change is going to happen so make plans and emotionally prepare yourself for the experience.
  6. Happy people listen to their heart. You are the only one who really knows what does it for you, it can be risky following your bliss just be smart about it.
  7. Happy people find purpose. Those who believe they are advocating for the well being of mankind tend to feel better about themselves. Most people want to be part of something greater then they are because it is fulfilling.
  8. Happy people slow down and smell the roses. Sometimes we get caught up in the day to day grind and we forget to appreciate the simple things, dont forget the small things.
  9. Happy people spend money on other people.  Research shows that spending money on others makes you much happier then spending it on yourself.
  10. They stay positive. Happy people reflect on the things they are grateful for. Examine the facts and youll probably find that things arent as bad as you think they are.
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